Analysis is one of the most important elements of the PHARMA360o. System, which has been designed by us.

This stage, among other things, allows for better preparation of our customer’s company for circumstances present in the competitive environment. Proper research into modification of already existing strategy or suggesting a new strategic plan in order to maximize set sales aims are the issues that we put particular stress on.

On the basis of data collected beforehand, we carry out analysis of the environment on macro scale. Then, through the use of appropriate marketing tools aptly supported by methods employed in strategic intelligence, we perform thorough analysis of the rivalry in the field, target market, marketing channels, products and offers, as well as customers’ needs and desires.

The PHARMA360o System, which has been designed by us, lets carry out very complex and detailed analysis due to skillful employment of sophisticated tools of spatial analysis for marketing use. This solution is an original project of our experts, who specialize in designing IT solutions to satisfy the needs for research into and analysis of rivalry in the field.


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