Chief security officer

Business & Development

Krystian is an analyst with 16 years long experience. He used to be a NATO instructor in the field of obtaining, analyzing and protecting information. He also provided private parties with counseling referring to optimization of security environment.
He is a graduate of both General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy in Wroclaw and Wroclaw Technical University. He also completed postgraduate studies in the Law and Administration Faculty at Warsaw University and doctoral studies at Alexander Gieysztor Academy of Humanities, where, in 2015, he obtained a PhD in social sciences, in the field of political science.
In 2015 he was one of the founders of BWB Consulting , a company providing services in strategic business intelligence and business security, and where he is presently responsible for issues concerning data collection and analysis, protection of modern technology and contacts with international markets. He is furthermore the author of monographs and articles on issues concerning international security and security of information.
Since the end of 2015, he has actively participated in the development of the innovative on Polish market brand of PHARMA360, which connects solutions in marketing, business intelligence and Intelligent Location. He is in charge of Business & Development there.

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