GIS expert & chief training

GIS expert & chief training

He professionally deals with the issues of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and geoinformation, especially with the practical use of spatial data and their analysis in the field of business applications. He is an owner of SMART geomatic company and a partner in BWB Consulting Company.
He is currently focusing his professional interest on analytical use of spatial data in intelligent location, competitive intelligence and geomarketing. He is also interested in obtaining data with the use of unmanned airborne platforms (drones).
Leszek is a graduate of Silesian University, the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Silesian University of Technology, the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Computer Science as well as Warsaw University, IKR. He has also completed courses in project management and R & D and AGILE SCRUM project management, and attended the GIS international school at West Hungary University.
He is a lecturer at Adam Mickiewicz Poznan University (subjects of geo-information and infrastructure for spatial information), previously he lectured at Silesian University and Silesian University of Technology (among other things, he developed original program of postgraduate studies in the field of GIS, which he was running together with a team for several editions). He also lectured on geospatial solutions as an invited guest
at Ljubljana University and Chemnitz University of Technology, to mention but a few.
He has overseen projects on designing geoinformatics software on the basis of current computer science technologies. He has long-standing, practical experience gained while carrying out dozens of projects implementing spatial information systems (SIP, MSIP), as a project manager or consultant / analyst. Currently, he is supervising designing of geospatial applications for mobile devices.
Author and co-author of, among others, “Geoinformation Metadata in INSPIRE and SDI” (the first comprehensive textbook on geoinformation metadata) and “Geographic Information Systems, Management of spatial data in GIS, SIP, SIT, LIS “.
He is the author and co-author of scientific articles and a lecturer and co-lecturer at international conferences in the series of EC GI-GIS Workshop and INSPIRE Conference, to name but a few.
Leszek is a member of the Society of Polish Town Planners and the Polish Informatics Society, where, as a part of PB ECDL, he is an examiner and coordinator of the EPP GIS Product in Poland.
Once he held a post of the chairman of a group of experts at the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, he was also a member of a team of experts appointed by Surveyor General of the Country. Additionally, an author and co-author of an expert opinion on geoinformation and INSPIRE (among others, expert opinion for Inspection of Environmental Protection as well as for the Ministry of Infrastructure).

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