GIS expert

GIS expert

He graduated from Wrocław Technical University in Spatial Development in
the Architecture Faculty. He began his career as a spatial planner working for commercial design workshops and dealing with planning for local authorities. At the same time he was developing his designing skills through the use of Geographical Information Systems’ tools. In 2006 he took up a job in the Regional Urban Planning Office in Wrocław (WBU), thus starting with regional planning in a unit within the structure of the Civil Service. In 2009 he accomplished postgraduate studies in Geographical Information Systems at Silesian Technical University.
His experience ranging from data processing, to managing data bases, to designing and managing of geo-portals (web-gis), to publishing and spatial data cartography, to analyzing and spatial modeling let him took up a managerial office post and gain further experience of managing regional, interregional and international projects covering the host of planning and strategic issues while making routine use of geoinformatics tools.

  • Przemek is an examiner of ECDL EPP GIS (European Computer Driving Licence, Endorsed Product Program Geographical Information System).
  • In 2012 he was promoted to Vice-Director of the Provincial Urban Office, which, in 2013, was transformed into the Territorial Development Institute.
  • Since 2011, as a Certified National Consultant, Przemek has also been engaged in creating national infrastructure for spatial information related to the introduction of EU Inspire Directive.

Presently, he is directing his professional activity and experience towards action which aims at making the use of geoinformatics tools in many branches of economy. He is particularly focused on creating methodology of multi-criterion analyzes for integrated management of regional development, strategic business intelligence, protecting and shaping environment and landscape, and modeling transport infrastructure. All his activity are related to designing new functionality of WEB-GIS tools.

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