Through the PHARMA360o System, not only do we prepare the whole team for adapting to changes, we also enable active participation in the process of their implementation in conformity with the idea of “Action Research” method.

For this purpose we organize strategic sessions which are absolutely vital element of our System. Although participation in the sessions requires appropriate preparation and engagement of the team, we can facilitate it through schooling sessions, which our customers can decide on at will i.e. in their office or as off-site and integration, or conference – like events and such like, depending on particular needs.

At the same time, the system let conduct additional package schoolings, during which we can focus on chosen elements such as: pricing, communication or security of information in an organization, or verification of individuals or economic operators. The focus of the schoolings is on elements which make up the PHARMA360o System thus allowing to combine and develop them at different levels.

We enable our customers understanding and acceptance of solutions that we suggest, which is the reason behind maximization of the solutions’ effectiveness and cutting down on time of the implementation process. At the same time, we conduct trainings, which let develop employees’ competence in the spheres identified at analysis stage as weak points.


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