Innovative approach to marketing, where we make wide use of analysis of rivalry in the field, Intelligent Location and Pricing, allow us to offer schoolings on the issues.


In the frame of the PHARMA360o System, we also analyze structure and activities of your company’s employees and thus we are able to carry out trainings on the use of available information obtained from both the inside and outside of the organization. At the same time, the trainings let increase information security of the company to a considerable degree.

  • Trainings in obtaining and protecting information and methods of business analysis.
  • Trainings for teams responsible for conducting research and analyses of rivalry in the field
  • Obtaining information on rivals within the range of activities of the marketing team – marketing intelligence.
  • The organization of system for obtaining information from the inside of one’s own company.
  • Trainings in obtaining and verifying information on economic operators and individuals in business relations.
  • Security of information and physical security in a pharmaceutical company.
  • Procedures for neutralization of threats for the purpose of protecting the pharmaceutical brand.
Intelligent Location based on GIS tools gives huge opportunities, we help understand it and apply it better – among other things, we carry out schoolings in respect of:

  • Intelligent Location tools – what are they?
  • Application of Intelligent Location in pharmaceutical branch – challenges, organization, costs, and advantages.
  • Building and managing GIS tools in a company – individualized solutions.
During schoolings the participants will get familiar with the latest on behavioral economy, economic psychology, psychology of choice which can be harnessed for influencing sales choices of the customers. We demonstrate how to practically utilize analysis of economic values with the aim to maximize the company’s profit. How to measure, and also influence customers’ readiness to pay. We provide trainings, among other things, on the ways of finding out acceptable for customers level of prices and how to differentiate your own offer from the rival one and sell at higher prices.

  • Product pricing based on the value.
  • Determining optimal product price.
  • Pricing strategies and tactics optimizing profit.
  • Efficient introduction of prices increases.
  • Psychology of perceiving prices.
  • Efficient price negotiations. Defense of the value.
  • Analysis of the flexibility of prices for products – case studies.
  • Analysis of ROI promotion – case studies.
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