Strategy & media specialist

Strategy & media specialist

Manager with 15 years long experience in advertising.
He has occupied junior and managing posts both in smaller advertising agencies, and also in big network agencies offering services for the biggest advertising budgets. Throughout his career, he has run advertising campaigns for such companies as: IKEA, Canon, Nikon, Sony Ericsson, Coty, Lek Polska, Reckitt Benckiser, Valeant and many others. At work, he has always been looking for innovations and new opportunities while defying market conventions and motivating surrounding staff to constant development.
Teamwork is his domain – committed to the principle that we win and lose together forever. He considers individualists and eccentrics as needed as long as they know how to work in a team. His specialty is strategic planning and conceptual work within the framework of customers’ projects as well as identifying development directions of the company.
Since 2009 he has been co-creating the Quattro por Quattro Agency and, as its President, he actively gives directions of development of the firm and is also responsible for project implementation from a strategic angle. He also supports work of particular departments of the Agency at the conceptual and executory stage.
He is currently implementing PHARMA 360 scheme with special emphasis on carrying out projects on the borderline of business intelligence and marketing , which he thinks of as undoubtedly a unique combination and a future direction of development for both economic areas .

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